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Advantages of UV Coating Systems

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At Lloyds of Indiana, we carry Tec Lighting and AUV UV Coating Machines. Most people have questions about UV Coating and we can help.

Why Buy From Lloyds of Indiana?

Lloyds of Indiana will help you get your UV Coating Machine up and running, we provide:

1. Setup and Training

2. Lifetime Support

3. Consulting Services from Print Experts

With the addition of your UV Coating system, you can enjoy the benefits of maximizing the capabilities of your existing presses and digital engines. Top coating business cards, postcards and covers. Adding a UV topcoat to a printed piece will give you the 3 P Advantage.


Protection - direct mail, book covers, heavily handled prints, water and chemical resistance.

Product Enhancement - Visual appeal, different finishes, high-end look, and feel, intensifies dark colors, brings out small details

Profitability – Sell your printing for higher profits, create new business and move work faster through production with the ability to seal the ink or toner and get the job out the door.

UV Quality You Can See

Within 5 minutes of turning on power to a TrueCoat UV Coating System or AUV UV Coating System, you will begin to coat your printing with quality UV Coating. The results are immediate; you will notice a remarkably enhanced sheet with a stunning finish and image protection ready for anything you can throw at it. Adding a UV Coater will give you the capability to apply Hi-Gloss, Satin or Matte coating on almost any printed sheet with ease. Our UV Coating Systems are offered in many configurations to fit your requirements, providing size ranges from 18” to 30” with a modular design to allow for added components such as an automatic feeder for increased production in the future. Let us show you the how to increase your capabilities and profits that you can achieve with the addition of the offline UV Coating Machine.

Environmentally friendly UV Coaters & Systems

UV Coating with the TruCoat or AUV may just be the most environmentally friendly way to apply a finish to your printing. We carry low odor REVO Coating UV Coating fluids in Matte and Gloss for many digital presses including Konica-Minolta and Ricoh along with HP, Canon and others. We also carry Tec Lighting's TEC COAT line of UV coating fluid. Both the REVO Coating and Tec Coating is 99.9% VOC free and meet or exceed all environmental air quality regulations.


We have also added new scents for the UV Coating as well.

Our UV coaters work great with all Xerox, Canon, Konica Minolta copiers and all offset printing. We can offer inline coating for your digital press also.

Check out a demo of a UV Coating Machine from Tec Lighting:


Questions? CALL US: 877-626-6848

American Ultraviolet UV Coating Systems
American Ultraviolet UV Coating Systems
Tec Lighting UV Coating Systems
Tec Lighting UV Coating Systems
Tec Lighting Textured Rollers
Tec Lighting Textured Rollers


Tec Lighting 30" TruCoat Hand-Fed UV Coating System
SKU: CC29-1-3A
$18,950.00 (CAD $24,938.20)
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Tec Lighting 30" TruCoat Hand-Fed UV Coating System
SKU: CC29-1-3A
$18,950.00 (CAD $24,938.20)
Tec Lighting MegaCoat XL63 63" Hand Feed UV Coater
$74,000.00 (CAD $97,384.00)
UV Coating Start Up Kit
SKU: UV Coating Start Up Kit
$650.00 (CAD $855.40)
Tec Lighting MegaCoat XL63 63" UV Coater with Roll-to-Roll Feeder
$90,000.00 (CAD $118,440.00)
Tec Lighting TruCoat 30" Auto Feed UV Coating Machine
$32,812.00 (CAD $43,180.59)
Tec Lighting MegaCoat 45 45" UV Coating System
$98,000.00 (CAD $128,968.00)
Tec Lighting TruCoat 30" Hand-Fed UV Coater
$21,892.00 (CAD $28,809.87)
Tec Lighting Textured Roller - Small Playing Card
SKU: TEX1680s
$1,800.00 (CAD $2,368.80)
Tec Lighting TruCoat 16" Hand-Fed UV Coater
$15,645.00 (CAD $20,588.82)