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Document Paper Folders

Fold thousands of sheets of paper per hour with our tabletop or floor model automatic document folders. Every office that mails statements, invoices, marketing material and other printed documnets can use a folder. Folding machines are easy to setup and easy to operate. Simlify your office today!


Optional Standard Perforator for the MBM 352F Professional Paper Folder
SKU: AC0690
$195.94 (CAD $257.86)
save 6%
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RapidFold Automatic Paper Folder by Martin Yale
SKU: P7400
$423.00 (CAD $556.67)
save 47%
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Formax FD 322 - Tabletop Document Folder (FD322)
SKU: FD322
$1,999.00 (CAD $2,630.68)
save 2%
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FD 390 - Air Feed Document Folder (FD390)
SKU: FD390
$8,150.00 (CAD $10,725.40)
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Martin Yale 1611 AutoFolder Paper Folder
SKU: 1611
$880.00 (CAD $1,158.08)
Martin Yale 1812 - 12in by 18in Variable Speed Auto Paper Folder
SKU: 1812
$2,299.00 (CAD $3,025.48)
MBM Air Suction Paper Folder Silencing covers
SKU: AC0623
$842.81 (CAD $1,109.14)
MBM 408A Automatic Programmable Tabletop Folder
SKU: FO0604
$3,509.10 (CAD $4,617.98)
MBM Paper Folder Scorer narrow
SKU: AC0631
$195.94 (CAD $257.86)
MBM GoCrease 3000
SKU: BO0650
$842.50 (CAD $1,108.73)
MBM 1800S Automatic Programmable Air Suction Tabletop Folder
SKU: FO0623
$6,823.00 (CAD $8,979.07)
MBM Paper Folder Scorer medium
SKU: AC0632
$195.94 (CAD $257.86)
MBM GoCrease 4000 Creaser and Perforator
SKU: BO0651
$1,874.06 (CAD $2,466.26)
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