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AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 12TH!New UV Coating fluid from REVO Coatings


The best UV Coating fluid on the market. 


The finish? It’s splendid.



Customers have enjoyed our line of low-odor REVO SureCoat. We are taking it one step further by introducing a new NO-ODOR UV Coating Fluid. Working with chemists we are rolling out a VOC free, solvent free, and no-odor product. 

Will it work with my printer?

Yes, it has been formulated to work with any printer including Ricoh and Konica-Minolta waxy toners.

Stay tuned, coming VERY soon!

Lawrence Binding of Cleveland Acquired By Another Firm

In The News

Lawrence Binding of Cleveland, OH was recently acquired by another firm.

Indiana customers of Lawrence Binding may need support for their binding machines, laminating machines, document folders, paper cutters, or more.

They may also need print finishing supplies like laminating pouches, binding covers and spines, roll lamination from brands like Unibind, MasterBind, Rhin-O-Tuff, Akiles, MBM, and more.

Lloyds of Indiana has been in business for 30 years helping customers with print finishing and supplies. Lloyds can help you service or fix your print finish machine and help replenish your supplies. 

Need help? Call us at 877-626-6848.

NEW! Bordeaux Inks Now Available for Océ Arizona, Fuji Acuity and Vutek QS

Bordeaux Inksbordeaux uv curable inks

Lloyds of Indiana now carries Bordeaux Inks line of UV Curable Inks for the popular Océ Arizona, Fuji Acuity and Vutek QS. 

If you are out of warranty and want to reduce your operating costs on your machines, Bordeaux Inks gives you the OEM quality at half the cost. Bordeaux will even help you convert your machines to their ink.

Who doesn't like better margin on their business? With Bordeaux Inks, you can.

Call us at 877-626-6848 and speak to a specialist.

NEW! Formax FD314 Tabletop Paper Folder

Lloyds has added the Formax FD314 Tabletop Paper folder to its paper folder store. The Formax FD314 is an affordable paper folder that is perfect for any office that needs to fold paper for mailings or announcements.

At $995.00, it pays for itself in no time.formax fd314 tabletop paper folder

Lassco Round Corner Cutter Sale!

Lloyds of Indiana has put all its Lassco Round Corner Cutters on Sale!Lassco-CR20 Round Corner Cutter

Get 15% off your next Lassco Round Corner Cutter Machine or Parts including:

Need Dies? Those are on sale now too.

Lassco Round Corner Dies on sale.

Discount appears after item is put into the cart. Lassco is the leading manufacturer of Round Corner Machines and are built to last. It's an easy investment. 


The Formax ColorMaxLP Color Label Printer has arrived.

Have you been looking for a label printer that can help you generate labels for your marketing material or your mailings in full color? Look no further, the Formax ColorMaxLP has arrived at the Lloyds of Indiana Direct Mail Store. Formax ColorMaxLP Digital Label Printer

The ColorMaxLP color label printer is fast. It can handel the following label sizes:

  • 2" x 4",
  • 4" x 6"
  • 5" x 7"
  • Custom Labels between 2" - 8.5"

It's small enough that it can sit on a counter top, but it packs the power as it can generate up to 12 inches per second of labels.

Check it out at our Direct Mail Store. Now at Lloyds of Indiana.

MBM iCrease line of Creasers, Scorer and Peforators now at Lloyds Of Indiana

Lloyds of Indiana is please to announce the arrival of the MBM icrease PRO, MBM icrease EXCEL and the MBM icrease AIR line of creasers.MBM icrease AIR Paper Creaser

These machines make great addition to any print finish operation. All three use the same user interface for programming making the MBM icrease line very easy to use. The intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to learn how to properly crease or perforate a document that can be turned into a multi-panel brochure.

MBM icrease PRO

Perfect for a small print shop that only needs to process up to 2000 sheets an hour. It fits on any desktop or can fit on a mobile table and be rolle around. 

MBM icrease EXCEL

The EXCEL can handle double what the pro can handle. It does creasing and perforating of documents. It has an automated feeder. You can even use it as part of an online uv coating operation where it can feed right into a uv coating machine.

MBM icrease AIR

This is the for the serious print shop that needs to run up to 5500 sheets an hour. It creases, perforates and scores. It has an automated feeder.

You can find all these machines in our Paper Creaser section of our website.

LLoyds of Indiana to attend 2014 Graph Expo in Chicago

Lloyds of Indiana will be at the 2014 Graph Expo in Chicago. We will be attending on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. graph expo 2014 in chicago

Graph Expo is an annual Trade Show for the Printing Industry held at McCormick place. It allows companies to see the latest and greatest in the print industry.

If you are attending and would like to meet us, feel free to contact Scott Maxfield at scott.maxifield@lloydsofindiana.com or call him at 877-626-6848 to set up a time while we are there.

Look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

D&K Roll Laminators at Lloyds of Indiana

Lloyds of Indiana now carries a complete line of D&K Group Commercial Roll Laminators. If you are D&K Roll Laminator logorunning a commercial print finish operation, D&K makes the the best line of commercial roll laminators.

We now carry the following commercial roll laminators:

While you are at it, you can check out the extensive liine of commercial roll laminator film also avaiable at Lloyds of Indiana.

NEW MBM Triumph Cutters are Here!

Lloyds of Indiana announces the arrival of MBM's Triumph High End Paper Cutters. Choose from electric, programmable and hydraulic paper cutters for those operations requiring precision cutting in greater mbm logovolumes.

Check out the following paper cutters now available at Lloyds of indiana:

All these cutters are available at Lloyds of Indiana and includes lifetime support and services to keep your operation running.

Questions? Give us a call at 877-626-6848.

Lloyds of Indiana carries D&K Pressure Sensitive UV Laminates

Lloyds of Indiana continues to add new product to our line of products to help you. If you are a commercial printer operating wide format laminators with 3" core, we have added D&K Commercial Laminates to our available products. In addition to the already announced additions of:logo for D&K Pressure Sensitive Laminates

  • Brilliance
  • Superstick
  • Expression

We have justed added the D&K Pressure Sensitive UV Laminates. These new laminates include:

You can find them all on our D&K Pressure Sensitive UV Laminates page.

Round Corner Cutter Machine Buying Guide Now Available!

Are you looking for a new Round Corner Cutter for your corner rounding needs? Not sure which machine is the best for you?download the Round Corner Cutter Buying Guide

No worries, we have the answer to help you decide. Lloyds of Indiana has put together the only Round Corner Cutter Buying Guide. It provides you a stetp by step understanding of what is available on the market from manual, pneumatic and electric. It answers the question:

1. Space Requirements

2. Power Requirements

3. Manual, Pnuematic, Electric

4. Manufacturers

5. Recommendations

6. Cornering examples

If you are trying to figure out what to buy, Download the Buying Guide to help.

D&K Superstick Roll Lamination Now Available at Lloyds of Indiana

Lloyds of Indiana now carries D&K's Superstick Commercial Roll Lamination. Superstick is designed logo for Superstick commercial roll lamination by D and Kfor digital prints and other hard to stick to applications. Superstick is activated at a low temperature of 180 degrees-200 degrees F. This makes it the perfect applciationf or heats sensitive prints. Superstick comes in the following appcliations:

  • Gloss
  • Luster
  • Matte
  • Sandtex
  • Textured
  • Canvas
  • Brushstroke

All are available now at www.lloydsofindiana.com

D&K Brilliance Pressure Sensitive Overlaminate Now Avaialble!

Lloyds of indiana announces the arrival of D&K commercial roll lamination.brilliance roll laminating fillm

To start, we have added the D&K Brilliance Line of overlaminates now available on our website.

Brilliance line of roll lamination provides a low cost solution for pressure sensitive appcliation. All Brilliance products have uv inhibitors to ensure your colors stay rich without loss to ultra violet light.

Lloyds carries the following roll lamination films:

  1. Gloss
  2. Luster
  3. Matte
  4. Canvas

They all come in a 3" core for commercial laminating. For more information, visit our website.

Luggage Tag Laminating Pouch Sale

Lloyds of Indiana has put it's Luggage Tag Laminating Pouches with slot on sale. Get 15% OFF your next purchase from now until June 30th.luggage tag laminating pouch with slot

If you are running trade shows this spring and summer needing something to draw an audience, luggage tag laminating pouches make a good gift to your visitors.

Get your coupon here and take advantage of the sale through June 30th. Remember, you always get FREE shipping on orders of $75 or more.

25% OFF Sale for REVO Toners

Laser Printer Toner Sale!picture of laser printer toner special at lloydsofindiana.com

Lloyds of Indiana has put its complete line of REVO Laser Printer Toners on sale for 25% OFF.

REVO Toners are newly manufactured OEM compatible printer toners. What makes them a great value is they output OEM quality documents at half the cost of OEM replacement cartridges.

What is the difference between remanufactured and newly manufactured? You can still get cheaper replacements on the market using remanufactured printer cartridges, but the quality is far inferior to a newly manufactured toner cartridge. Your documents will tend to be lighter in tone and have streaks.

All Revo Laser Toners are compatible to OEM Toners listed on our site. They are newly manufactured print toner drums to ensure a quality print. The quality print is compatible to OEM quality. REVO Toners are NEW!

We carry a large selection of OEM compatible blackcyanmagenta and yellow toners for the following manufacturers:

*Discount appears after your item is placed in your cart. If you purchase $75 or more, we offer free ground shipping on all items to the 48 contiguous states.

UV Coating by REVO Coating

UV coating fluid by REVO Coating continues to get rave reviews from customers for its low odor and quality output. For those customers where odor is a problem, the low odor has met expectations. In addition, the final product has been exceptional in pulling out the color in our customer's documents.

Check out our selection of REVO Coatings here.

revo coating uv coating fluid

Formax Cut-True Introductory Promotion

Lloyds of Indiana is pleased to announce the addition of the new Formax line of electronic paper cutters for print finishing shops.

Formax has added 2 new cutters. From now until April 30th, Lloyds of Indiana is offering a 15% discount plus FREE FREIGHT on both cutters.

The Cut-True 27A Programmable Electric Paper Cutter retails at $11,500 and is now avaialble at a low price of $9,775 plus FREE FREIGHT!picture of a formax cut-true 27a automatic electric paper cutter

Price: $11500.00 (CAD $12245.20)

Add to cart


The Cut-True 27S Semi-Automatic Electric Paper Cutter retails at $7,995 and is now avaialble at a low price of $6.795.75.00  plus FREE FREIGHT!picture of a formax 27s sem-automatic electric paper cutter

Price: $7995.00 (CAD $8513.08)

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Lloyds of Indiana is Heartbleed Free

In light of the information that came out last week regarding the Heartbleed Virus that impacted servers on the Internet, LLoyds of Indiana has taken all necessary actions to ensure our servers are not a victim to the Heartbleed virus.

We have followed all the recommendations to ensure our web server is not vulnerable to any exploitation by the Hearbleed virus.

You can check our status on the following sites:

Last Pass


At Lloyds of Indiana, we are doing everything we can to ensure your shopping experience is a good one. 

NEW Non-Conductive Plastic Badge Clips

Do You Need Non-Conductive ID Plastic Badge Clips?

We have had several clients enquire about non-conductive plastic badge clips. If you are working in an industrial environment that could be sensitive to any electrical conductivity, our low to no conductive id badge clips can help. There are no metal parts in them.picture of black non-conductive id badge clip

The come in mutliple colors including:

They come in bags 100 at a time and are priced at $49.00.

Price: $49.00 (CAD $52.18)
Select Color

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Lloyds of Indiana adds the new Lassco CR-55 Corner Rounder Cutter

If you have been looking for the round corner machine to help double your production, it's here. The Lassco CR-55 is a round corner machine that is equipped with a 2" blade enabling you to double your output and cut your time in half.

If you can double your output and cut your production time in half, you can improve margins on your jobs. Who doesn't like to make more money?

The CR-55 has 2 types of radii to choose:picture of Lassco CR-55 Corner Rounder Cutter

  1. 3/8" 
  2. 1/2" 


  • Table size: 20” x 20”
  • Actual weight: 79 lbs
  • Shipping weight: 138 lbs
  • Ships via: LTL Truck 

Lloyds of Indiana is your print finish headquarters. We are always looking for the best equipment to help you improve your business. Have questions? Call us at 877-626-6848 

PRIMEINKS at LLoyds of Indiana

Lloyds of Indiana is happy to announce the arrival of Primeinks Low-Solvent Commercial Ink line.Primeink logo - commercial printing ink available at lloydsofindiana.com

Primeinks manufacturers OEM Quality ink compatible with major manufacturers like:

picture of primeink commercial printing ink for mimaki, hp, roland and epson printers

Primeink is designed for printers equipped with Epson DX-4, DX-5, DX-6 or DX-7 printheads such as the Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh, Epson GS6000 and SureColor S printers. They are perfect for outdoor and indoor applications and compatible with all standard substrates available on the market.

All Primeink Tsunami Eco products are 3C approved enabling easy conversion with no need to flush, replace parts or perform new color profiles in most configurations. 

Tsunami ink series is formulated especially for the popular low solvent machines on the market.

picture of primeink cartridges for commercial printers like hp, epson, roland, mimaki and mutoh The unique formulations of these inks ensure perfect performance with the printer and accurate colors. Inks are 3C approved, matching the original ink in color and chemical attributes, allowing simple conversion from the OEM ink. Tsunami Low solvent inks are compatible with a wide range of printheads including Konica Minolta, Xaar, Seiko, Spectra, and Epson.

There is more to come!


REVO Inks and Toners and REVO Coatings Specials at www.lloydsofindiana.com

REVO Toners and Coatings Reminder

Get *10% OFF your purchase of REVO Toners through March 15, 2014.


Buy any REVO Coating Low Odor UV Coating and receive a FREE package of **Nubtex Shop Cloths.


All brand names and trade marks are the properties of their respective holders and are referred to here for descriptive purposes only. We are not associated with any printer and original printing supplies manufacturers.

​*Discount is applied when item is placed into the cart.

**Nubtec Shop Cloths are manufactured specifically for maintenance and cleaning of your UV Coating Machine. Regular shop cloths or cotton cloths can damage your machine. Nubtec Shop Cloths ensure your machine runs smoothly after cleaning.

If you would like to learn more about our selection of UV Coating Equipment or our new REVO Low Odor UV Coating, contact Scott Maxfield or call him at the office at 877-626-6848.

"Assurance through Experience"

Thank you for shopping at lloydsofindiana.com

Call Today! 877-626-6848

M-F 8am - 5pm EST

REVO Inks and Toners introduced at Lloyds of Indiana.

OEM Newly Manufactured Quality at Half the OEM Price!Printer toner cartridges by revo toners and inks

Lloyds of Indiana has annouced the arrival of REVO Inks and Toners to www.lloydsofindiana.com.

REVO Toners and Inks are newly manufactured Laser Printer Toner Cartridges of OEM Quality, but half the price. We carry many OEM compatible Toners for:

Lloyds of Indiana carries are large selection of Laser Printer Toner Cartridges from Revo Inks and Toners for Printers from the following *manufacturers:

For a short time, buy any REVO Printer Toner Cartridge and get 10% OFF! Don't forget, if you purchase $75 or more from Lloyds of Indiana, shipping is *FREE.

*Free shipping is for UPS Ground only and exludes UV Coating from both Tec Lighting and REVO Coatings.

Lloyds of Indiana adds REVO Coatings to its line of UV Coating Fluids

REVO UV Coating Solutionsrevo uv coating solutions logo

Lloyds of Indiana is pleased to announce the arrival of REVO Coatings to the Lloyds of Indiana web store.

According to Lloyd's President, Garry Jones, "We have been searching for a high quality, low odor solution for ourselves and our clients. We found it in REVO Coatings. Not only is the application low odor, but the finished product as well. The value of the a UV Coated document has just gone way up."

Lloyds is currently carrying 7 variety of REVO UV Coating Solutions. They include the following:

Gloss Application:

Matte Application:

REVO UV Coatings are available for sale today!

Time is running out to take advantage of Section 179 for capital purchases.

Enjoy Substantial Savings with Section 179

If you have been considering purchasing equipment this year, you may be eligible for a tax credit through Section 179 of the tax code. If you are purchasing or leasing, there are benefits for purchasing equipment this year.

Here is an example, the MBM Wire Stitch Booklet Maker is currently on sale at Lloyds of Indiana. While the sale price lists at $10799.10, you could realize a bigger savings by using Section 179 of the tax code.

Here is an example: 

example of section 179 savingsYou can see approximately an additional discount if section 1079 is applied.

So, what are you waiting for? Financing is available on all machine purchases and Lloyds of Indiana can help find the right provider.

Call us at 877-626-6848 and speak to Scott Maxfield for help.

Section 179 Tax Season Is Here! Download FREE Worksheet!

It's Section 179 Time

It’s that time of year again to consider the tax benefits of Section 179 of the tax code.

Lloyds of Indiana is happy to offer a Section 179 worksheet to help you determine the benefits for your business.

You can download the worksheet. It provides you details on Section 179 and a calculator for figuring out your tax savings on any machine purchase including leasing costs.


Take advantage of a tax break to provide you savings on any equipment purchase this tax year.

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