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Ledco Automatic Cutter | Roll Lamination Cutter

Ledco Automatic Cutter | Roll Lamination CutterLedcoC300110-B
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Ledco Automatic Cutter | Roll Lamination Cutter
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Ledco Automatic Cutter

The Ledco 30" Automatic Cutter is the ultimate to complete your laminating system. This cutter has been designed to be used with either the HD-25 220V laminator, the new 25 inch High Speed laminator or any other 25 or 30 inch Ledco laminating system.

With a speed that is adustable up to 150 fpm the Ledco 30" Automatic Cutter has an integrated fiber optic sensor that precisely activates the shearing blade as it senses the leading and trailing edges of each sheet to be cut. This cutter does not require air pressure like other commercial cutting systems. All that is required is a simple 115V, 15-amp outlet.

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