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Sircle Corporation
Sircle Corp. has design our family of pouch laminators to match the various performance needs of all of our potential customers. We have designed our professional line of machines to meet the rigorous use a production or copy center environment would see in their high volume settings. Our office line of machines was designed for the typical demands of an office, home, or school setting. Our SOHO or Small Office/Home office line of machines was design to accommodate the needs of the occasional operator. What is true for the entire line of laminators is that our dedication to quality, functionality, and performance is of the highest quality and maintained throughout Sircles entire offering. Sircle Corporations comb and wire binding machines have been designed to meet two strict engineering mottos we have set for ourselves; Functionality through Capacity, Durability though Design. Our ability to design Functionality into all of our machines means that we are giving our customers the ability to match their equipment to their needs, space restrictions, and budgets.


SircleBind WR-2500 Electric 2:1 + 3:1 Wire Binding Machine
SKU: WR-2500
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