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We have a large selection of Document Inserters at Lloyd's of Indiana. Take the manual out of stuffing and quickly stuff your mailing documents into envelopes with a document inserter!

Brand: Formax Model: FD6104
The FD 6104 inserter offers the latest technology in entry-level tabletop inserters, making it possible for any size company to enjoy the benefits of automated folding and inserting. The affordability of this inserter eliminates the need to send out tens of thousands of mail pieces in order to justi..
Brand: Formax Model: FD 6210
Fully Automatic Office Inserter with User-Friendly FeaturesThe 6210 Series Inserters combine advanced folding & inserting technology with user-friendly features and flexibility. Five models are available with a variety of input configurations to meet the needs of any size office or small mailroo..
Starting From $13,495.00
Brand: Formax Model: FD6306-Standard3
Fully Automatic Office Inserter with High-Capacity FeaturesThe 6306 Series Inserters combine user-friendly features with high productivity. Five models are available to meet the needs of any size office or small mailroom. A variety of input configurations includes a high-capacity document feede..
Starting From $25,650.00
Brand: Formax Model: FD6406
Fully Automatic Mid-Volume Inserter Configurable with 2 - 6 Station InsertersThe versatile 6406 Series can be configured to accommodate a range of folding and inserting applications. Models are available with 2 to 6 stations for flexibility, and include a variety of input configurations: a high-capa..
Starting From $31,695.00
Brand: Formax Model: FD 6608
Modular Inserting Option to Fit Your ApplicationThe modular 6608 Series adapts to most any folding and inserting application. Models are available with 2 to 7 stations, offering the flexibility to meet your specific needs. Various input configurations include a high-capacity document feeder for up ..
Starting From $44,395.00
Brand: Formax Model: FD 7104
Modular Flexibility and Extensive Options to Fit Any Production LevelThe Formax 7104 Series Inserters take flexibility and productivity to new heights. With 3 configurations, and an optional Productivity Package, this system can meet the challenge. The modular design offers up to 8 modules with up ..
Starting From $56,095.00
Brand: Formax Model: FD 7700
High Volume Modular Inserter with Extensive Options to Fit Any OperationThe 7700 Series High-Volume Inserters meet the rigorous demands of nearly every mailing application from direct mail campaigns to mailings containing personal and private information.The 7700 Series is customizable from the inse..
Starting From $67,990.00
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