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xtracoat uv coating by tec lighting

Engineered to work with your Tec Lighting UV Coating Machine

We carry a large selection of XtraCoat UV Coating Fluid for your Tec Lighting Machine. XtraCoat UV Coating fluid comes in Gloss, Matte, or Satin. You can even add scents to the coating to make your finished products smell good.

Also, most of the XtraCoat UV Coating fluid is formulated for digital presses, as well as off-set presses.

Need help choosing the right UV Coating Fluid? Give us a call!

Brand: Tec Lighting, Inc. Model: SC-Essence
Make Your UV Coating Fluid Smell GoodTec Lighting Essence UV Scents. If you are looking for a solution to minimize the odor that results in applying UV Coating Fluid to your production run.Tec Lighting Essence UV Scents come in 4 flavors including: Coconut Berry Green Apple VanillaComes in a 32oz bo..
Brand: Tec Lighting, Inc. Model: TEC-1227
XtraCoat Hi-Gloss UV Coating For Digital Prints #1227 (5 Gal)XtraCoat HI-Gloss UV Coating #1227 (5 Gal) Works with Digital, Direct Impression and Offset printed sheets! Use on sheets printed with HP-Indigo, Ricoh, Kodak and Xerox I-Gen...
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