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Specialty Shredders

Specialty Shredders handle your sensitive material destruction needs beyond paper. Think hard drives and other data storage. Lloyd's of Indiana carries a variety of models of Specialty Shredders to choose from that can dispose of hard drives and other uncommon materials.

Brand: Formax Model: FD87PLASTI
Specially designed dual-blade system handles plastic and laminated sheetsThe Formax FD87 Plasti Shredder is built to the highest standards for operator convenience, safety and reliability. The FD87 Plasti features a two-stage dual-blade system to quickly shred plastic sheets, laminated cards, paper ..
FORMAX® FD 87HD Hard Drive Punch FORMAX® FD 87HD Hard Drive Punch
-10 %
Brand: Formax Model: FD87HD
Compact design, multimedia powerDiscarding a hard drive is not as simple as tossing it in the trash. And even if you erase the drive by magnetically degaussing, are you sure the data is secure?The Formax FD 87HD Hard Drive Punch provides that added level of security by punching a hole through discar..
$3,866.00 $4,295.00
FORMAX® FD 87HDS Hard Drive Shredder FORMAX® FD 87HDS Hard Drive Shredder
-10 %
Brand: Formax Model: FD87HDS
Complete Hard Drive DestructionThe Formax FD 87HDS Hard Drive Shredder provides the best level of security by physically destroying discarded hard drives.Simply load a hard drive into one of two cutting chambers and close the safety shield. With the push of a button, the rugged solid steel blades gr..
$11,250.00 $12,500.00
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