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id badge accessories

If you use an ID badge, you know you need some way to keep it handy. Choose from a selection of badge holders for protection, neck lanyards, retractable clips and much more.

Brand: Lloyd's of Indiana Model: NECK_TUBE
Tubes are an economical and comfortable option to wear all your name badges,membership cards and IDs, without damaging your clothes with a pin or clip.Quantity 500..
Brand: Lloyd's of Indiana Model: CS-A-006
Do you need to finish an ID Badge Card with a hole?The Hand Held ID Card PVC Card Slot Hole Punch allows you to punch a hole for any PVC ID Badge card. You can string any kind of ID Badge Holder, ID Badge Clip, or an ID Badge Reel.  ..
Id Badge Clips (Metal) Id Badge Clips (Metal)
-10 %
Brand: Lloyd's of Indiana Model: C504P
Metal ID Badge ClipsMetal Id badge strap clips from Conveniently hold your name tag or id badge with this metal badge clip. Clips gently to you clothing or pocket and straps though and snaps to your id badge.These id clips are sold in quantities of 250 for large volume purchases..
$35.99 $39.99
Brand: Lloyd's of Indiana Model: ID_RETRACTOR_SOLID
Retractable ID Badge Holder (Solid Color)Retractable ID Badge Holders are a practical way to carry your ID Badge around. You will find that not only do they keep your ID Badge handy, they can also be a fun toy to play with if you're looking for something to do. You could drive your colleagues crazy ..
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Brand: Lloyd's of Indiana Model: ID_RETACTOR_TRANS
Id Badge Retractors (Transparent Color)So, your company has issued your Company ID with a lanyard. The problem with a company ID attached to a lanyard is the challenge of taking off your neck to open the door.ID Badge Retractors are perfect for getting in your office building. You simply let it hang..
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ID Card Slot Punch with guide
-20 %
Brand: Akiles Model: CSP-G
Product SummaryThis efficient and economical id card slot punch is a stapler type slot punch and features an oval hole suitable for clips, straps, lanyards, loops and other ID card accessories. Also with adjustable side and depth guide.Slot punch PVC, Lamination, heavy paper and much more...
$31.20 $39.00
Brand: Lloyd's of Indiana Model: LEATHER_STRAP
Leather Luggage Tag StrapsQuantity 100Leather luggage straps from Each strap is made of quality leather and is 5" in length. Use this luggage strap to identify your valuables and to label cases and bags. Fully positional and a heavy duty brass buckle make this leather luggage ta..
Brand: Lloyd's of Indiana Model: LUGGAGE LOOP
Luggage Tag LoopsQuantity 100Luggage tag loops from lloydsofindiana.comMake luggage tags or label any case or bag with your business card or id card. Make it easy for someone to return your valuables. Luggage loops are sometimes referred to as plastic worms.How to Make a Luggage Tag!Just simply lace..
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Model: CMP
The Multi Id Card Punch from lloydsofindiana.comThis unique punch is a 3 in 1 device that is great for any home or office. The Multi 3 in 1 id card punch includes an adjustable guide for easy repetitive punching. 3-in-1 function Slot Punch Hole Punch Corner RoundingPunches id cards up to 30 mils of ..
Brand: Lloyd's of Indiana Model: LANYARD
Neck lanyards from A neck lanyard is a great way of displaying your id badge or name tag. A metal clip is provided for easy assembly. Other types of clips are also availabel. Our lanyards are available in 38" (Round) (Flat) and (Flat Break-Away) Photo shows a (Flat and Flat Brea..
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Brand: Lloyd's of Indiana Model: 2115-0000
Plastic badge strips strap clip w/ knurled thumb-grip: 3 1/8" (80mm) 100 pieces per bag Comes in White, Black, Royal Blue, Green, Orange, Red and YellowIdeal for humid regions where metal rusts easily.Non-conductive plastic material reduces the risk of electrial discharge at high static work environ..
Starting From $49.00
Brand: Lloyd's of Indiana Model: CBHH-WH
Badge Holders Plastic badge holders from Conveniently hold your name badge, credit card, driver's license, business card, laminate, ID, etc. with an added touch of elegance. Perfect to be used at: reunions, exhibitions, parties, conferences, convertions, and many more!Simply sna..
Starting From $27.00
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