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padding presses

Padding presses allow you to recycle paper and convert it into mini note pads for note taking and message taking.

Brand: Lloyd's of Indiana Model: BLOCK
It's hip to be square!When cutting a stack of paper on a paper cutter, you want those edges to be as square as possible. This jogging block, or push block, allows you to perfectly align your paper stack before each cut.The solid oak block not only looks great, but the work faces are a perfect 90º so..
Brand: Lassco-Wizer Model: W178
Apply padding compound with ease using the Lassco Wizer 2" Padding Brush. The natural bristles evenly coat the pads for professional results.Features 2" width Durable wooden handle..
Brand: Lassco-Wizer Model: W172
Quickly and consistently count the proper amount of paper for your padding project. The Lassco Wizer Adjustable Pad Counter easily separates a ream or stack at the exact amount of sheets you want. Shift production into high gear with a pad counter.Features Solid wood handle Chrome plated spade ..
Brand: Lassco-Wizer Model: W174
The Lassco Wizer Pad Separating Knife separates pads quickly and easily. The carbon steel blade smoothly fits between pads to separate them after padding.Features Carbon steel blade Solid wood handle Separates pads smoothly and easily..
Brand: Lassco-Wizer Model: W176
Create your own note pads with Lassco Wizer Padding Compound. Easily adhere pads of any size. This padding compound sets strong and lasts long to create the best pads of paper.Features White Water soluble so material can be easily cleaned with plain water Quick drying and long lastingSpecifications ..
Brand: Lassco-Wizer Model: W175
Create your own custom note pads. This press can hold up to ten thousand sheets of paper at a time and can handle materials that are up to 18" wide and stacked 22" high. The W175 padding press is built to last, with heavy duty cast iron clamps and high quality hardwood and steel construction.Feature..
Martin Yale J1811 Padding Press
-15 %
Brand: Martin Yale Industries Model: MYJ1811
Padding Press Ideal for print shops large or small! Simple operation makes it easy to handle most small padding jobsIdeal for padding carbonless forms, note pads, and scratch padsWing screws tighten by hand - no tools necessaryPadding capacity is 5 3/4" high and 17 3/4" wideSturdy s..
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