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American Laminating

American Made: Roll Laminators, Educational Laminators, Wide Format Laminators and Commercial Roll Laminators.

At Lloyd's of Indiana we stock an overwhelming variety of laminating systems, including pouch laminators and heated roll laminator equipment for schools, educational facilities and high production work areas that are made in America. Please view our selection of American made laminating systems. For more information about any American made laminating system please call us toll-free 1-877-626-6848. At lloydsofindiana.com we are here to help you!

We sell only quality made laminating machines that meet our requirements. We have sorted our roll laminators by three classes educational, commercial and wide format laminators. Additionally, all roll laminators and heated roll laminators listed here are made in America. Schools, offices, libraries and other educational institutions can save thousands of dollars every year on printing costs for laminating services. All educational roll laminators listed on this page are 100% made in the US. Laminate and dry mount trade show displays, signs, vehicle graphics and much more with an American made wide format laminator. Apply gloss, matte or textured laminates fast and easy with any size wide format laminator listed below.

American Made Pouch Laminators: Banner American Laminators, Ledco Laminators, and Tamerica Laminating Work Stations.

Pouch laminators from lloydsofindiana.com are some of the most popular laminators on the market today. With the ease of use and the mobility of a pouch laminator, laminating projects just got faster. Pouch laminators come in different widths to handle a wide range of projects and are used to laminate the size of bookmarks, to placemats, to photo ID's, to maps, presentations and more! All pouch laminators and pouch laminating machines below are 100% Made in America (Banner American, Ledco, Tamerica).

100% Made in America Laminators:


Ledco Slit Scrap Rewind
$1,700.00 (CAD $2,237.20)
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Ledco Workhorse Heavy Duty 25 Commercial Laminator (Ledco Heavy Duty 25)
SKU: 7025500
$13,400.00 (CAD $17,634.40)
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Laminator Work Station /Laminator Stand (LWS (LAMINATING WORKSTATION))
$199.00 (CAD $261.88)
Ledco Workhorse Heavy Duty 25 Commercial Laminator (Ledco Heavy Duty 25)
SKU: 7025500
$13,400.00 (CAD $17,634.40)
H20 Heavy Duty Roll Laminator Dual Hot Roll
SKU: 2020220L
$11,199.00 (CAD $14,737.88)
Ledco High Speed 30" Thoroughbred Laminator (Ledco High Speed 30")
SKU: I300220-A
$16,091.00 (CAD $21,175.76)
Ledco Automatic Feeder
SKU: 6130200
$38,225.00 (CAD $50,304.10)
Ledco Automatic Cutter | Roll Lamination Cutter
SKU: C300110-B
$26,699.00 (CAD $35,135.88)
Ledco Slit Scrap Rewind
SKU: Ledco Slit Scrap Rewind
$1,700.00 (CAD $2,237.20)
Ledco Digital 42
SKU: 42B-0008
$16,000.00 (CAD $21,056.00)
Ledco Digital 42 w/ ThermoGlide
SKU: 42B-0007
$18,000.00 (CAD $23,688.00)
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