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Lloyd's Bonus Points Overview

Earn Bigger Savings When You Buy from Lloyd's of Indiana

Every order you place with Lloyds of Indiana is eligible to earn bonus points based on the amount of your order. Bonus points are always awarded as follows:

10 POINTS for every $50 SPENT

Bonus Points Help You Save Two Ways

  1. Every 100 points is worth $10 at Lloyds of Indiana.
  2. From time to time, Lloyd's offers extra special prices to customers with balances of 500 or more bonus points.

To earn bonus points you must have an account (username and password) with Lloyds of Indiana and place your order online (sorry, phone in orders don't qualify for points. It's our way of saying thank you for using our website).

Click here to check your bonus points!

Bonus Points FAQ

  • Can I use my points earned on an order I just placed on that order?
    Sorry, our system does not allow you to redeem points earned on an order at the time you place the same order. Bonus points can only be redeemed on future orders.
  • Can I save bonus points?  If so when do they expire?
    Yes, you can save bonus points. Points only expire if you unsubscribe from our mailing list, report us for spamming you, or if you don't place an order with us for two years after earning bonus points.  We aren't trying to be hard cases about our mailing list, but if you unsubscribe or report an email from us as spam, we cannot send point balance statements to you.  It breaks the points program.
  • Can I convert bonus points to cash?
  • Can I convert bonus points to Bonus Points certificates and send them to friends?
    Yes, and we love you for sharing Lloyd's of Indiana with family and friends.

How To Redeem Your Bonus Points To Use On Next Purchase

1. Login into your Account

You can Sign In to Lloyds of Indiana at the Top Right | Left Middle | Bottom of Site.

login screen for binding machines | binding supplies | laminators | laminating supplies at lloyds of indiana













2. Login to Lloyds of Indiana

  • You can use your Lloyds Login or Social Media Logins Listed

Login Screen














3. Bonus Points Tab

  • Go to your Bonus Poinst Tab
  • Convert your Bonus Points into a Bonus Points Certificate

bonus points tab at login














4. Bonus Points Certificate Activation Screen

  • Fill in the To Field and From Field
  • Optional message
  • Ensure the certificate is being delivered to correct email address

Activation Screen


5. Bonus Points Certificate Email

  • Check your spam folder if you have not received it

Bonus Points Email


6. Go to Check out and Select Payment


  • Select Bonus Points Certificate to Start Payment

select payment


7. Use Bonus Points Certificate for Purchase

  • Scroll to the Field labeled: "Bonus Points Certificate"

8. Make Final Payment with Credit Card

  • You will get an error message that says you have a balance.
  • Pay balance with a credit card


Bonus Points Certificates