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For all your business needs, from a Multi ID card punch or ID slot punch, we have it! If you produce large amounts of ID badges and need to create a slot for clips, straps, lanyards, or reels, you need an ID slot punch. Look at our selection of badge slot punch style staplers available in stainless steel and other materials. Browse our selection for more details on each product.

Eyelet Punch
-29 %
Brand: Akiles Model: AEP
This efficient and economical eyelet punch is a stapler type punch that binds paper and other sheet goods with a small brass eyelet. Comes complete with adjustable side and depth guide.Use this punch and the eyelets (sold separately) to bind paper, fabric swatches, color swatches, etc.Specifications..
$35.00 $49.00
Half Moon Punch
-20 %
Brand: Akiles Model: AHMP
This efficient and economical punch puts a half-moon cut at the edge of your paper or other soft materials, commonly used for calendars. Comes complete with adjustable guide.Specifications Punching Function: Half-Moon Cutout Punching Capacity: 20 sheets (20 lbs paper), soft PVC (1.2mm), hard PVC (0...
$63.20 $79.00
Brand: Lloyd's of Indiana Model: CS-A-006
Do you need to finish an ID Badge Card with a hole?The Hand Held ID Card PVC Card Slot Hole Punch allows you to punch a hole for any PVC ID Badge card. You can string any kind of ID Badge Holder, ID Badge Clip, or an ID Badge Reel.  ..
ID Card Slot Punch with guide
-20 %
Brand: Akiles Model: CSP-G
Product SummaryThis efficient and economical id card slot punch is a stapler type slot punch and features an oval hole suitable for clips, straps, lanyards, loops and other ID card accessories. Also with adjustable side and depth guide.Slot punch PVC, Lamination, heavy paper and much more...
$31.20 $39.00
Model: CMP
The Multi Id Card Punch from lloydsofindiana.comThis unique punch is a 3 in 1 device that is great for any home or office. The Multi 3 in 1 id card punch includes an adjustable guide for easy repetitive punching. 3-in-1 function Slot Punch Hole Punch Corner RoundingPunches id cards up to 30 mils of ..
Brand: Lloyd's of Indiana Model: SLOT PUNCH
Handheld Slot Punch ToolThis heavy-duty stainless steel id card slot punch is perfect for years of use. It has a long handle that makes it easy to use! Slot punch PVC cards, laminated cards, and even aluminum tags The long handle id card slot punch is ideal for making luggage tags.The oval type slot..
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